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Book Previews - Cleansing Hunt
Book Two of The Earthsoul Prophecies

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    But the vision had warned of something equally horrible. By becoming an Agla'Con, he had made himself unworthy to take up a Talisman of Elsa and heal the Earthsoul; he had ruined the world before the battle at Trian had even begun. He hadn't destroyed the world directly, but his failure had been just as complete. That failure had ensured Maeon's victory, allowing him to reign supreme in the world of death and misery left behind.
    Even knowing that he had stood against Maeon until the very end did little to ease the pain of knowing he had been responsible for the death of every living creature on earth. By failing to live up to his birthright, it was as if he had killed them all himself.
    He rose and moved to the balcony. Pulling open the doors, he stepped out into the morning air and let it cool his skin while he searched for a bright spot among all the gloom and doom of the warning. There really wasn't much to take heart from, and he rubbed his eyes wearily. At least I saved the temple from desecration, he thought, then frowned to himself. Yeah, by destroying it. He shook his head and turned his attention outward.
    Trian spread below in a patchwork of streets and buildings washed of color by the all-encompassing grey of early morning. A few people moved in the streets, early-risers eager to start the day and a handful of soldiers finishing their nightly patrols.
    He watched them for a time and wondered how many of them had died defending Trian in his vision. Gideon had told him that visions of the future weren't always set in stone. The future was the end result of actions taken in the present. Actions can be changed, he had said, and so can the future. Jase nodded. It wouldn't happen as he'd seen.


    The Elvan Prophet Elrien opened his eyes to the grey of early morning and pursed his lips grimly. The last vestiges of the vision of Trian's destruction still flickered through his mind, and he entertained them with a great deal of trepidation. For the Earthsoul to send such a grave warning to the Fairimor lad meant the potential for the vision to come to pass was startlingly real. Jase had already slipped into the realm of Agla'Con on several occasions. What was to keep it from happening for good? If the Sons of the Birthright turned to the Shadow, Con'Jithar would swallow the world without a fight.
    He rose from his bed and moved to the window to gaze at the Allister Plains spreading before him in a sea of greens and yellows. They were a stark contrast to the desolation on the northern side of the Great Wall, and he hoped to keep them that way. He knew the Shadan'Ko would never breach the wall, but he did worry that Jase Fairimor might be more dangerous than the Twisted Ones and all of Maeon's other servants combined. The vision had certainly hinted as much. He took a deep breath to calm himself. He would have to trust that Gideon Dymas would keep the boy on the right path. If anyone understood the dangers of crossing into the realm of the Agla'Con, it was Gideon. He had lost his birthright because of just such a transgression a long time ago.
    Yes, Gideon would know what to do. With the Earthsoul failing so quickly, however, he wondered if there would be time enough to see things through to the end.

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