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Book Previews - Veil of Darkness
Book One of The Earthsoul Prophecies

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    “Danger? From what?” Images from his own turbulent dream flashed through his mind, but he pushed them away, hoping his fear hadn’t shown on his face. Dreaming about using the Power as a weapon was bad enough. If his mother knew he had dreamed of fighting monsters with it, there was no telling how she would react.
    She shrugged. “Something. Nothing. A million things. Who knows? To have Fairimor blood in your veins is to live in danger every day of your life anyway. What difference does one more thing make?”
    “What do you think the dream means?”
    “I don’t know. I’ve thought about it all morning, but...” she trailed off with a shrug. “It’s probably nothing more than the loneliness I went to bed with. We did talk about him last night. It’s probably that.”
    The tone of her voice let him know she wasn’t telling him everything. “And so...?”
    She smiled. “You’re very perceptive,” she told him. “I’ve decided to go to Seston to see Maira. I think a little time away from here will do me some good.” She hesitated, and her tone turned direct. “I’d like you to come along. You’re going through some things that might be easier dealt with away from people you know.”
    He was quiet a long time before answering, completely caught off guard by the request. Going to Seston was the last thing he wanted to do right now. If he had to face down the prospect of being a Dymas, he couldn’t think of a better place to do it than here. He was mostly isolated from the village, with only occasional visits from people he knew and trusted. He certainly didn’t want to be fumbling with his newly received Gifts in a strange town surrounded by people he didn’t know. They were likely to burn him at the stake as an Agla’Con if they found out what he was. Besides, if he did lose control and destroy something, he’d rather it be something he owned than that of a stranger.
    “I think I would like to stay here,” he replied softly. “Alone. Without any warders either. I could use some time to...” he swallowed, “learn about who I am becoming.”
    She studied him for a moment, her eyes so intense in their scrutiny he thought she might be looking into his very soul. Finally, she nodded. “That will be fine. Just be sure that you don’t change into someone I might not like when I return home.”
    “Sure,” he told her, rising to his feet. He looked at the list she had given him. “Is this all you want?”
    “From the mercantile, yes. But I’ll need you to find Daris and let him know what I want to do. He went into town this morning to speak with a squad of Highwaymen who stayed the night at The Cobblestone. Apparently, he didn’t like what he learned at the Waypost and wanted to check on something. Greig and Tomlin went with him.”
    “What time did they return last night?” Jase asked.
    “They didn’t. They stopped by this morning while you were in the barn. They spent the night at the Waypost and rode back before light. Daris is really troubled about something,” she added with a frown. “He wouldn’t even stay for a quick breakfast.”
    “I’ll bet that made Greig happy,” Jase muttered. “When do you think you’ll want to leave for Seston?”
    “Two days. I have a few things I need to do first.”
    “Okay, I’ll let him know.” He started for the wagon, but she called him back.
    “Will you take the dartbow, if only to humor your mother?” She smiled, but he could see the tightness around her eyes. “The dream probably means nothing, but it will make me feel better knowing you are armed.”
    He nodded, “Just let me hitch up A’shan and I’ll get it.”
    “Thank you, Jase.”
    He shrugged. “I guess I need to face my Gift sometime. It might as well be now.” In spite of the smile he flashed her, the words left a sour taste in his mouth. The flutter rising in his chest took only seconds to turn into complete panic. The dartbow, he thought with dread. Power-wrought. Power-filled. What will it do to me this time? He really didn’t want to know.

- 17 -

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