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Book Previews - Veil of Darkness
Book One of The Earthsoul Prophecies

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    A couple of times he had difficulty explaining what he was feeling, and she waited patiently while he fumbled through it. She wanted to help him, but wasn't sure what she could say that would help. Things were worse than she had thought. As painful as it was to admit, it appeared there was truth to the prophecies after all.
    She shook the thought away and fastened her eyes on her son. She would hear the rest of what he had to say before rushing to any conclusions. It was difficult not to panic, though, and what he said next made it harder still.
    "Sometimes, when I really focus, I can hear what others are thinking," he said. There was a great deal of embarrassment in his voice and a touch of guilt as well.
    And rightfully so, she thought with horror, considering that Thought Intrusion is forbidden.
    She realized her shock had shown on her face when he hastily added, "But I've never once considered trying to hear your thoughts." His face was serious, and she heard the truth in his voice. And yet, it did little to calm the fluttering in her chest.
    "I appreciate that," she told him, smoothing her features and forcing a smile. There were things he simply could not know, things she had kept hidden from him his entire life, things that were so dreadful she'd had Gideon Dymas teach her how to ward her thoughts against just such an intrusion. It pained her that she'd had to live so many lies, but he simply couldn't know the truth of who he was. Of who he might be, she corrected silently. Some things about his life may coincide with various prophecies, but they didn't necessarily mean he was The One.
    "And I guess I can forgive you for using your abilities when you didn't know any better," she continued softly. "And it's possible that you experienced a manifestation of the Gift of Discernment. But that only comes to you if the Earthsoul wills it. Using Ta'shaen to deliberately pry into another's thoughts is evil and has been forbidden since the beginning of time. Only the Agla'Con dare do such things, and then only rarely. There are those who hunt people who invade another's thoughts. When they catch them, they destroy them."
    "Dymas?" Jase asked.
    "Perhaps," she replied and left it at that. She hoped her tone made it clear that they would not be discussing the matter further.
    He was quiet a moment before continuing. AI have set things on fire," he said at last. AI don't know how I do it, but it has happened several times." He shook his head. AI do know it has something to do with my being angry. Like last week when those men started trouble at The Lazy Gentleman. Before I even thought about what I was doing, I focused my anger at them and their clothes burst into flames. I know everyone thought Tana did it when she threw their drinks in their laps, but that brandy never even came close to the candles burning at their table. I set them on fire, not Tana."
    Brysia opened her mouth to speak, but Jase held up his hand. "There's more," he said quickly, almost as if he feared the truth would strangle him if he didn't hurry and get it all out. "Sometimes I can move things. It doesn't matter what, so long as it isn't too big or too heavy. I can even do it on purpose sometimes, though in truth, I have no idea how I am doing it. I've moved rocks, tools, books," he hesitated, and a smile spread across his face, "and chairs."
    "You didn't," she said, but when he started to laugh, she knew he had.
    Two weeks ago at the monthly Village Council Meeting, Mayor Rhead had been involved in a shouting match with several members of the council, Jase included, over what to do about water rights for several families new to Kindel's Grove. The Mayor had been so adamant in his views, so sure that his was the only logical opinion, that he had offended many on the council and destroyed more than a few friendships. With a nod to show he expected complete compliance with his wishes, he had glared at those seated across from him and moved to sit down, only to fall flat on his backside. "I did try to put the chair back after I realized what I had done," Jase admitted.
    "But I couldn't. Silas finished before I had a chance."
    "The old windbag needed to be dropped on his rear," she said softly. "Being Mayor doesn't give him the right to be abusive to those he's supposed to be serving."

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