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WINNER: Veil of Darkness

Fiction & Literature: Fantasy / Science Fiction

FINALIST: Cleansing Hunt

Praise for Veil of Darkness:

"Set in a richly detailed and varied world, this blend of coming-of-age story and epic saga belongs in most fantasy collections."
-Library Journal
"In the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien, Greg Park... weave[s] intricate backgrounds, multi-layered psyches, and complex internal conflicts for each of the players in this fantastic drama."
-Writer's Digest
"The characters are rich, and the story is wonderfully told. The bad guys are truly evil, deliciously dark. Park has the ability to weave a tale that's complex without muddling the action."
-Deseret Morning News
"Beautifully crafted... engrossing... I look forward to its sequel."
-Leading Edge Magazine
"A terrific tale. The Park universe is filled with a wonderful assortment of interesting characters."
-Harriet Klausner, top Amazon reviewer

Praise for Cleansing Hunt:

"Park's follow-up to Veil of Darkness elaborates on the fantasy world he has created, introduces new characters, and brings back the familiar heroes and villains of the previous book. With solid storytelling and a skill at portraying moral complexities, this book belongs in most fantasy collections."
-Library Journal
"A wonderfully crafted, immersive epic fantasy. Also highly recommended is the first novel in The Earthsoul Prophecy series, Veil of Darkness."
-The Midwest Book Review
"A brilliantly written epic fantasy in the tradition of Tolkien and Brooks."
-Harriet Klausner, top Amazon reviewer
"Wonderful ... well-written fantasies.... We predict a sterling future for this author."
-Heartland Reviews
"This beautifully crafted work is a must-have for every collection."
-Leading Edge Magazine
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